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Cousins Maine Lobster Truck

Many summers ago, a former employer offered something they Called summer hours. Staff could work an extra hour each day from Monday to Thursday and leave work early on Fridays. I took advantage of this to have lunch with my kids. Summer hours coincided with the summer lunch at specials at One 53 in Rocky Hill. They offered a beer and lobster roll. My kids loved it because they were allowed to order anything from the menu. If they didn’t like what they ordered, they could order something else.

I “discovered” the Cousins Maine Lobster truck a few years ago. One 53 no longer offered lobster rolls on the menu. I was on a hunt for any place local serving lobster rolls. My Google search led me to Cousins Maine Lobster truck. The truck moves between a few towns, including Pennington, Hillsborough, Lawrenceville, and Somerset. If I ordered via the app, my food would be ready by the twenty-minute drive to any of those locations.

This frame from a roll of Eastman Kodak Double-X 5222 400 was taken (Minolta XD-11 and MD ROKKOR-X 45mm F2) during the one time that the Cousins Maine Lobster truck visited Flounder Brewing. I hope they return for the summer.

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