Cosy Chambourcin Cottage at Willow Creek Vineyard

Bhavna and I had a lovely stay at Chambourcin Cottage. The cottage, which we found via Airbnb, is on private property near the entrance to the Willow Creek Vineyard. Chambourcin Cottage is on the second floor of the property and has two balconies with beautiful views of the vines and gardens of Willow Creek Winery. One balcony has a small coffee table and two chairs, perfect for a lazy breakfast. Complimentary parking is available next to the cottage, providing two convenient spaces for guests.

Walking into the cottage, I was pleasantly surprised by its country charm. It had all the necessary amenities, including two comfortable couches in the open living space, a beautifully tiled bathroom with a queen-sized bed, an inviting walk-in shower, and a modern galley kitchen with all the essentials. Despite its compact size, it met all our needs and even had a mini fridge to store any wines we might purchase at the winery.

View across form our cottage · Saturday 15 April 2023 · Apple iPhone 11 Pro · iPhone 11 Pro back camera 6mm f/2

Bhavna and I noted that this idyllic setting is ideal for couples or solo travellers seeking solace or, in our case, an escape from the mess at home.

One of the highlights of our stay was the 50-acre Willow Creek Vineyard, gardens and nearby pond. While only a tiny portion is pictured in the photograph, a sprawling winery is just a short walk.

I wanted to walk to the winery but thought better of it. Earlier that morning, while I packed my camera gear, one of the geese had decided I was unwelcome. It charged at me! I admit I was worried we'd have a fight. I jumped in the car and waited for the goose to leave. No harm and no fowl.

After we settled in, we drove to the winery and sampled some of the wines. During the weekend, from the serene haven of the back patio, we enjoyed the peaceful view of the gardens and the vineyards.

Overall, I found the cottage an excellent choice for our cosy getaway. It is a hidden gem.

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