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It’s not the heat, it’s the electricity by Peter Rukavina Rukavina (

You could also use this time to ponder how you might cool your own spaces using less energy-intensive means (says the lucky fellow ensconced in his naturally cool church basement). Or you could, at the very least, transfer your cooling to the windy times of the day.

Interesting information. I’ve never tracked this sort of information in my area because New Jersey is both extremely hot and humid in the summer months and it seemed pointless to track something that doesn’t change.

The last few weeks we’ve had daily highs of 30ºC along with humidity of over 60% and several thunderstorms. My area has had flash flood alerts in place since Sunday.

We have fans in the house but they are not enough and I haven’t felt a breeze in several weeks. If our central air system fails I think we’d be in real trouble. I know it’s a privilege to have a home with air conditioning.

New Jersey loses people — mostly the elderly and the very young — to heat death every year.

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