Instead of arranging their wines by country of origin or grape varietal, Cool Vines arranges wines by taste — simplifying the complexity of selecting the right wine for any occasion.

Matching the wine to the preference of the wine drinkers, the occasion or event, the accompanying food, etc. - all serve to enhance the pleasure from the pour. Instead of demanding that our customers know the vagaries of every wine-producing region’s labeling conventions or the subtle differences of the each grape variety when grown in different parts of the world, using the myriad methods that are available to the winemaker, we provide a standardized taxonomy, represented in clear, simple and visual form that communicates the character of the wine with regard to its taste and its affiliation with food.

My wife and I went in — just to take a look. Five minutes later, the knowledgeable staff were helping my wife pick the perfect wine for dinner while I found a few new Belgian ales to try — Schneider & Sohn Organic Weisen Edel-Weisse.  I also picked up an unusual — at least to me — Belgian style ale called Hitachino Nest White Ale from Kiuchi Brewery in Japan.  Delicious and a fantastic thirst quencher.  I also picked up another Kiuchi Brewery ale, Red Rice Ale, a mixture of Sake, malt and strawberries.  What!