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Coney Island Hard Root Beer Float

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I found my inspiration from the The DM’s Ultimate Adult Root beer Float recipe and Baking Addictions’ Adult Root Beer recipe. Both of those recipes use Small Town Brewery’s Not Your Father’s Root Beer. I tried the Not Your Father’s Root Beer (NYFRB) for the first time almost two months ago but it didn’t occur to me to make a root beer float until this week. If you are not familiar with NYFRB, it is a beer with the flavouring of root beer — cinnamon, wintergreen, anise, vanilla and sarsaparilla bark.

I couldn’t find NYFRB locally but Steele’s Wine Cellar had a few bottles of Coney Island Brewery’s Hard Root Beer. I did not have the Hard Root Beer before but I decided to give that a try. My recipe is simple involving one serving of vanilla ice cream and one bottle of Hard Root Beer. I chilled one of my tall classes, added one scoop of vanilla ice cream, slowly poured the Hard Root Beer, then added a second scoop.

Coney Island Hard Root Beer Float NIKON D5100 20150806 7935

This is delicious and refreshing, especially with the a grilled chicken burger from Griggstown Farm covered with pickled onions from Suzy’s Wild Cooking. Both of those I buy at the Montgomery Friends Farmers’ Market.

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