The ever-thoughtful Dan James has triggered me again (in a good way).

How has your experience been in finding the cameras that work best for you? Has it been more like a continual quest for the ideal camera or finding one that’s good enough for your needs, and making the best of it?Dan James

I’ve never had the money to be a frequent upgrader, but I had the urge to do so. I read too many gear reviewers and was always talking gear. But after I bought my Fuji X-T2 (used), I realised I didn’t care anymore. Some screws have fallen out from the bottom near the tripod mount. The base plate is scratched (I often used a tripod l bracket), and the paint is starting to wear from use. But I enjoy using the camera. Quite often, I fall asleep with the camera next to me on the couch. It’s no longer a camera. It’s a companion.

Author: Khürt Williams

A human who works in information security and enjoys photography, Formula 1 and craft ale.