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My commute from my home via public transportation versus driving in my car. Bhavna and I were talking about cars yesterday. My sister-in-law is looking to buy a pre-owned car to replace her 2006 Toyota Hylander. My 2006 Honda Accord needs work. My sister-in-law works from home all week so her car is only used to do errands, visit family and friends in town, get my nephews from school. My car is used to commute to work. But for both of us, the car spends most of the time idle. It feels like such a waste but in this part of New Jersey, a car is a necessity. Public transportation is not a reasonable option.

Commute to MetroPark, New Jersey via car, about 45 minutes
Commute to MetroPark, New Jersey via Public Transportation, almost 3 hours.
Commute to Wall Street via Car, about 90 minutes
Commute to Wall Street via Public Transportation, almost 4 hours

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