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Eureka Moment! by Dan (the dan blog)
I was going through the motions of making my coffee when out of nowhere I suddenly realized why I managed to commit to some things and not others. Community!
Camera : NIKON D5100, Focal length : 55mm, Aperture : ƒ/5.6, Shutter speed : 1/250s, ISO : 100, Credit : Khürt L. Williams, Captured : 28 April, 2013,

Yes! I think Dan got it right. Engaging the with the community helps me stay committed.

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Community! %name

Husband, father, Information security professional and avid photographer living at the junction of Princeton Township, Montgomery Township and Rocky Hill.

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  2. Being a member in a “live” / “in person” AMUG is one of the things I’d like to be able to live… but this kind of envolvment has not been possible in my latest ten years. So I “envy” you …


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