Coming down from a high


Sometimes there are negative consequence to not changing my infusion set on schedule. Last night my wife were up until 1AM while I battled hyperglycemia. My wife thought it was the snack that I ate after dinner. I was trending near 70 about two hours before dinner but my BG rose rapidly just 15 minutes after eating. And it continued to rise. I tested my BG and took a insulin bolts hoping to bring my BG under control. It continued to rise so I tested and hour later and added another bolus. But my BG continued to rise. Than around 11PM I remembered that I forgotten to change my infusion site. I had put in a new infusion set on Sunday and I was now fours days on the same set. I'm supposed to change it out every three days. I prepared the site, inserted a new infusion set and adjusted my basal dose to 120%. By 12AM on the Dexcom receiver had turned from slightly up to sideways. An improvement. By 12:30 it had started pointing down. I waited until 1AM when my BG hit 150 before putting the basal back to normal and going to bed. Lesson learned.

Trenton, New Jersey, United States of America

Author: Khürt Williams

I work in application security architecture and I live in Montgomery Township, New Jersey with my wife Bhavna. Passionate about photography, you’ll find me writing about cybersecurity, tropical aquariums, terrariums, hiking, craft breweries, and capturing birds on camera. My prose is like a caffeinated squirrel—fast, unpredictable, and occasionally insightful.