Last week, I strolled into my endo's office feeling good about my numbers and presented him with the news that I have been honey-mooning without insulin since my last checkup. At my last checkup ( sometime in January or February) he had instructed me to quit the morning insulin ( one unit of Novolog ). I was experiencing a lot of lows ( is 65 considered low?). He gave me a stern look and told me that the results of my last A1C were 7.1 and he would prefer my numbers were lower. My average BG reading was 114. I thought I was doing well.

So...I am back on the insulin. I started taking one unit of insulin before each meal. I fully expected lots of lows. Surprisingly I had the opposite experience. My blood glucose appeared to be bouncing around. I would test two hours after a meal and the BG would be 96. Then four hours after the meal it would be 150. WTF? So I started thinking to myself, "Is the insulin raising my BG?". Irrational, I know.

I increased the dosage to two units and started getting the results I expected. The rational part of my brain continued to search for an explanation. Then today it dawned on me. In a few weeks it will be June 14; the anniversary of my diagnosis. Perhaps the honey moon ( what a stupid phrase ) phase is over. Perhaps I am entering the phase where I spiral down toward full insulin dependence.

This sucks. Sorry. That's how I feel. I guess soon I will be shooting up Levemir as well. I just hope I don't get the pens mixed up. One of the sucky things about taking insulin is storing it when I am not at home. I bought a backpack and keep my supplies in the front zippered and somewhat insulated compartment. But now I have to remember to carry it with me out of the car during the summer and winter. Insulin does not like extreme hear or cold. Well...neither do I.

Author: Khürt Williams

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