10 thoughts on “Checked in at saravanaa bhavan”

  1. @khurt Oh, there’s great West Indian food in Toronto, as well as South Indian food. Toronto has some of the best international food I’ve ever had. It’s what I miss most about the city since I moved away to a smaller town two years ago. (We often go back to visit to eat!)

  2. @vasta if I remember correctly, in Toronto you can get Trinidadian (West Indies) food. I know “buss up shut” and roti curries aren’t a substitute but ... you’ll have the flavours.

  3. @vasta I love pav bhaji. It was delicious. Next time I’ll try the dosa. Was worried about having lunch in Manhattan being expensive. But this was $5-7 and right outside the door of the building. They even have idli and sambar!

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