Street photography can be difficult anywhere. Sometimes people think they are spoiling your shot and move aside for you. Sometimes they really don’t mind, and a smile and hello can make a difference. Sometimes you can tell them you are just practicing and would they like to see your shot of them? This was useful when I was taking a street photography class. I could say I was taking a class and my assignment for the week was, for example, people at work. Sometimes they will want to pose and you have to dissuade them from that. If they really don’t want their picture taken, then don’t do it. Once I was chased by a woman who accused me of taking her picture without her permission (I actually was taking a picture of a store front and she was inside the store without my knowledge). I told her I would delete the picture and did so. Who wants a reminder of a bad encounter? You have captured a great image here. Keep up the good work.