Cerulean Warbler

Cerulean Warbler

In the hushed serenity of Stokes State Forest Park, I saw a small yet striking Cerulean Warbler perch gracefully amidst the complex lace of bare twigs. With its sky-blue back, this individual flits through the overgrown foliage, a splash of colour against the green canvas. Its delicate form is a testament to the surprises hidden within the leafy branches near Sandyston.

The setting is a dance of natural Spring hues; the emerging leaves' soft greens blend with the branches' muted tones. Light filters through the tree canopy, radiating a peaceful glow on the warbler's plumage, highlighting the crisp white underparts and the band of streaks along its chest.

In this tranquil woodland setting, the warbler is the star, a transient beauty amongst the woods. This image captures a moment of stillness, a glimpse into the life of one of nature's most elusive songbirds.

This individual was challenging to photograph. It always seemed to land in the thick of the leaves and stems. Of the dozen or more frames I captured, this is the best photograph of the set. It is the only one I have where the bird landed and was not somewhat obscured by a branch.

Author:Khürt Williams

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