Where is spring?

Bird, Snow, Winter, Branch, Tree
Tuesday Photo Challenge – Forces by Frank JansenFrank Jansen (Dutch goes the Photo!)
Overcome all aspects
[exif id="36745"] Guess what? 1/1000s is also a good shutter speed for photos of backyard birds in the snow. But I have no clue what sort of bird this is. Do you?

Wake me up when it’s summer

Wake me up when it’s summer.


Are You Lucky? by Otto von Münchow (In Flow with Otto)
This may all sound very good. However, when you stand in the middle of period when nothing seems to work out, it’s not easy to keep expecting things to change to the better. It’s much easier to give up. I know, I have been there myself. Some time ago, I had put in a lot of effort, money and time into preparing a project that everybody told me was going to be a success. I was selling the idea for the project to a big national institution in hope they would finance it, in fact they had asked me to propose the project. The people at the institution were all positive and made me feel like it was only a formality before the project would be accepted. But, when it came down to the final decision, my project was turned down. Instead, money was given to another project that seemed to have nothing about it at all. Later on, I heard that it came down to connections. The person behind the project that “won” knew the people on the board of the institution. It was a devastating blow to my self-esteem. I was about to give up.
[exif id="36685"] Maybe. Or maybe lucky people just got "lucky". I think Otto's story points out that sometimes hard work and dedication are not enough. Sometimes luck means knowing or meeting the right person. Success lies in knowing when luck is about to strike and seize it.

Bird in the Snow

Recently I have felt that all my work is effluent. Shit! Crap!


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Hills by Frank JansenFrank Jansen (Dutch goes the Photo!)
A gentle slope
[exif id="36357"] These migratory birds stopped to rest and eat. They swam in an overflow basin between two man-made hills created during recent construction of healthcare facility. [exif id="36356"] [exif id="36358"]