Indie WYSIWYG: How I Fixed My Instagram Problem by Alex Kearney

There's a saying in the indieweb community: manual until it hurts. Don't automate what you're doing until it's so painful that you're compelled to automate. It'll take time to maintain the code that's replacing your manual--software rots.


This is a very subjective principle. What hurts one person is painless to someone else. The problem with this ideology for me: I'm lazy. If it's not easy, it's agony.

Same. Manual until it hurts meant that the the process, time and effort of posing content often took longer than the creation of the content.

Reclaiming our Web by Donald McIntosh (Donald McIntosh)

Hopefully this articulates a web where we control our content, publish it from our own site, decide who sees it and allows us to efficiently pull in other content. It allows us to control the context in which our content is viewed. We do not need to send all our content to some third party for the priviledge of sharing it. And the web may evolve into an infinitely more interesting, diverse, personalised and fulfilling place.

Donald McIntosh has beautiful dreams. I wish the future web was more evenly distributed.

Jetpack Publicize connections, Sharing buttons, and Post Kinds plugin by an author (GitHub)

When I enable the "Publicize connections" and "Sharing button" feature of JetPack and use a Response Kinds, the Summary/Quote does not display.

When I enable the "Publicize connections" and "Sharing button" feature of JetPack and use a Response Kinds, the Summary/Quote does not display.

With "Automatically share your posts to social networks” or "Add sharing buttons to your posts” enabled.
Expected behaviour



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