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Bookmarked Hidden in the Code by Aaron (Read Write Respond)

This is a collection of code that I often turn to when working with WordPress
Every time that I feel comfortable with my level of knowledge associated with WordPress, there is a problem that leads me to discover a particular attribute that I don’t know how I lived without. This time it is the code…

I bookmarked this useful and easy to follow IndieWeb resource.

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Replied to I Brought Back Commenting On My Site by Jacky Alciné (

As part of my mission to get my website to align with my digital identity, I’ve opted to make use of Isso to handle commenting. I’ve enabled it for every blog post and to each of the FAQ pages. This way, I can see that feedback and fold it back into the site a lot easier. I’m a bit fortunate since I have my own infrastructure, I can just spin up this service easily.

Concerned with some of the language in the EU GDPR, I removed commenting from my WordPress site but retained Webmentions. A newer webmention spec allows for deletion and or modification of webmentions which I feel aligns with the GDPR. I considered using Disqus for commenting I am loath to outsource my comments to a silo.…

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