Little America on Apple TV+ from Apple TV

From the people who brought you The Big Sick and Master of None, Little America is an anthology series that observes the funny, romantic, heartfelt, inspiring, and surprising stories of immigrants in America.

📺 One of the most enjoyable series I’m watching right now on Apple TV+. My favourite so far is “The Cowboy”.

Although I wasn’t a poor immigrant and I still haven’t embraced the cowboy life, like the main character Igweudeh, I too loved American Westerns from my youth in the British Caribbean and I too struggled to adjust to the American lifestyle when I arrived as a college student.

Attending Creative Food Photography Know-How — Princeton Photo Workshop

RSVP: Sunday, March 1, 2020, 11:00 am - 3:00 pm Anton's at the Swan, Lambertville, NJ

Instructor: Freddy Clark

Do you like to make photos of food at a restaurant or at home? Producing successful food images challenges us to apply our understanding of light and composition in some unexpected ways.