Shaan's 5th Birthday

Shaan celebrated his 5th birthday recently. My goodness, he is growing up so fast. He insisted that everything be blue. We had a blue cake with blue frosting and blue balloons, and all the guests were asked to wear blue. The kids had a blast making their own personalised cups cakes. They decorated their train-shaped mini-cakes with icing and various kinds of candy. Edible artwork. Yummy.

A very wet Kiran.

Water Balloon Fight | Saturday 15 May, 2004 | Sony CYBERSHOT | 21 mm | 1470 sec at f/4.8 | ISO 100

Part of the birthday fun included an exciting water balloon fight between the kids and the adults.

Falguni and Kiran | Saturday 15 May, 2004 | Sony CYBERSHOT | 21 mm | 1470 sec at f/4.8 | ISO 100

Near the end of the evening, we went out to the front porch to blow bubbles. They were some giant bubbles.

Saturday 15 May, 2004 | Sony CYBERSHOT | 7 mm | 190 sec at f/2.4 | ISO 100

Nessus review by PC Magazine

Nessus review by PC Magazine: "Based on a client/server architecture, Nessus lets users run the administrative console, which executes vulnerability scans and holds databases on a machine other than the ser".

I personally think PC Magazine was dismissive of Nessus. These magazines tend to be biased against the non-Windows platforms. I have not done so myself but one can write one's own security scans via the Nessus plug-in language (NASL) and there is at least on Perl module available to programmatically control Nessus. My employer has built a Linux, Apache, PostgreSQL, and Perl based vulnerability assessment application around the Nessus security scanner.