Princeton Open Source Security Experts

Princeton Open Source Security Experts is a users group dedicated to information technology security professionals that have an interest in the open source movement. The first meeting was held February 26, 2004, at the Good Time Charley’s in Kingston, NJ. Khurt Williams, an information security officer with Bristol-Myers Squibb, presented an “Introduction to Nessus”.


Zorp Professional is a cutting-edge proxy firewall suite designed to give you total control over all network traffic. Thanks to its modular nature, Zorp is the only firewall solution capable of analyzing all popular protocols, as well as embedded data streams, on the application layer. Zorp comes with a built-in system log and easy-to-use graphical…

The Register

The Register If hundreds of thousands of people are still blindly clicking on attachments in their email, is there any hope of mitigating the threat of hundreds of thousands of compromised systems with open backdoors?