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Honey Brook Organic Farm

Honey Brook Organic Farm—Sony CYBERSHOT + Sony @ 9.3 mm, f/4.8, ISO100

Shaan and Kiran are enjoying going to the Honey Brook organic farm each week to pick up our produce. The highlight for us is picking our own. The last few weeks we have been fortunate to pick strawberries and snow peas. Shaan's favourites (surprisingly) are the snow peas. He devoured a quart of them before…

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Shaan turns six

My goodness. Time flies. Just a short time ago he was holding my pinkie finger in his hand and now..6 years already. Theme of his party was the contraptions. Shaan's favourite computer game is the Incredible Machine. He has played all three iterations of this Sierra game. The games involves building Rube Goldberg machines to…

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