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Buy the Cup Ethiopian Sidamo

Ah. I love my morning cup of coffee. Whether I brew with a French Press or Chemex, I enjoy the 4-5 minutes each morning when I am focused on nothing else except the steep and the pour. And then when it's ready, that first sip is like waking up with the warm sun shining through the curtains while the Caribbean trade winds blow gently across your face. Ah!

Vitaliy, roaster, and owner of Buy the Cup in Rocky Hill, New Jersey, has been experimenting with some new beans. The latest is Ethiopian Sidamo. Some of the world’s finest coffees, such as Harrar and Yirgacheffee, originate in Ethiopia and are named after the region of origin. You can count Sidamo among them.

I dropped in this morning and picked up a pound of the Sidamo. Vitaliy is friendly, and we chatted about some other coffee beans he is bringing into the store soon. I brewed the Sidamo in my Chemex using a paper filter. My wife and I agree that the drink was smooth, fruity - as Ethiopian coffees tend to be - and stands up well to cream. I drink my coffee black, so you'll have to take my wife's word on that bit. I tasted dark chocolate.

Roaster: Rockaffe

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