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But … it’s not responsible!

In a recent rant on his blog, Michael Hoskins, wrote the following in response to someone who made some rash statements to someone with diabetes.

A message to the point: Yes, we CAN eat ice cream.

It’s a myth to think otherwise.

via The Diabetic’s Corner Booth: Yes, We CAN Eat Ice Cream!.

I think Mr. Hoskins statements are equally rash and I think, irresponsible. Yes, I can — using the dictionary definition of the “can” to be “am able” — eat ice cream. So yes, I am able to eat ice-cream. I have that ability if I take enough insulin to cover the carbs.

But I think taking extra units of insulin — for me it would be two units of Novolog — just to cover one serving of Ben & Jerry’s (230 calories and 24g of carb) is not responsible. Ice cream is mostly fat and sugar. It has a high glycemic index — which means that my blood sugar will spike into the hundreds way before that fast acting insulin starts to do its thing. And most times, you won’t be given one serving of ice-cream. It’s most likely to be two. So that’s 460 calories and 48g of carb for Ben & Jerry’s.

So, yes, I “am able” to eat ice cream and cookies and other zero-nutritional value high-calorie high-sugar foods. But as a person who wants to be responsible for my health I will not. And my endocrinologist agrees.