Brown Hall, Princeton University

Sean ,a member of the New Jersey SmugMug User Group, organized a photo walk of Princeton University.   We met-up on the green at Palmer Square and waited 15 minutes before proceeding.   It was a cold day and the brisk hour and a half walk around campus did not help take the edge off.   aI took more photos with my iPhone than I did with my Nikon but this one was the most pleasing of the DSLR set.

By 1888, it had been almost a decade since the construction of Edwards Hall, the "poor man's dormitory," and by the fall of that year, half the freshmen class had lodgings in town. Accordingly, the College decided to construct a new dormitory. In early 1889, the Trustees awarded the contract to the New York architect, A. Page Brown. Brown was instructed to design a five-story dormitory with three entries that would be located diagonally to the southeast of Edwards. The working title of the new building was Brown Hall, a name chosen not to honor the architect but to honor the donor, Mrs. David B. Brown. via

I used Photomatix Pro to create an HDR from a single RAW image and did some minor cropping in Adobe Lightroom.

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