Brown Hall, Princeton University

Sean ,a member of the New Jersey SmugMug User Group, organized a photo walk of Princeton University.   We met up on the green at Palmer Square and waited 15 minutes before proceeding.   It was a cold day, and the brisk hour-and-a-half walk around campus did not help take the edge off.   I took more photos with my iPhone than I did with my Nikon, but this one was the most pleasing of the DSLR set.

By 1888, it had been almost a decade since the construction of Edwards Hall, the "poor man's dormitory," and by the fall of that year, half the first-year class had lodgings in town. Accordingly, the College decided to construct a new dormitory. In early 1889, the Trustees awarded the contract to the New York architect A. Page Brown. Brown was instructed to design a five-story dormitory with three entries located diagonally to the southeast of Edwards. The working title of the new building was Brown Hall, a name chosen not to honour the architect but to honour the donor, Mrs David B. Brown. via

I used Photomatix Pro to create an HDR from a single RAW image and did some minor cropping in Adobe Lightroom.

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