Bringing Out the Worst In Us

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This is one of the reasons why I no longer “surf” Facebook and twitter. I've defaulted to the old ways of the web. Back to a reading from a controlled list of bloggers and news sites.

I have a list of photography, lifestyle, and security bloggers and web sites in my RSS reader. I recently culled the list to remove dead sites or sites whose focus had changed. When Trump won the election I added a filter for the keyword “Trump” to reduce the chance I would see blog posts about that.

I started participating in the IndieWeb. The IndieWeb isn't new. It's just the web as I think it was meant to be.

I don’t think social media is useless but I do my best to mitigate the risks of the downside. It sometimes fails. But … that’s how the universe works.

Image CC0 via Unsplash

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