Institute Woods Bridge, Fall

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Bhavana and I went for a short adventure this afternoon. We went on a hike on one of the Institute Woods Trails. The Institute Woods Trails is 589 acres of land (woods, wetlands, and farms) and is part of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.
We started at the Clarke House Musem. Some parts were muddy due to rain on previous days, but it wasn’t too bad we did not have our hiking boots.

Institute Woods Bridge, Fall[exif id=”33200″]

We hiked the Trolley Track Trail where we see the Institute of Advanced Study buildings. We passed a little pond that I think I will explore in the winter and spring. We continued on the Founders Walk trail to the narrow suspension footbridge over the stream in Institute Woods. It’s a pretty neat bridge that sways a bit while you walk on it.

Institute Woods Bridge, Fall[exif id=”33202″]

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Institute Woods Bridge, Fall[exif id=”33206″]

Institute Woods Bridge, Fall[exif id=”33208″]

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