Bolero Snort Brewery's SVB (Strawberry Vanilla Bullsicle)

I am drinking a SVB (Strawberry Vanilla Bullsicle) by Bolero Snort Brewery @BoleroSnort. This really does taste like a strawberry vanilla creamsicle!

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This really does taste like a strawberry vanilla creamsicle!

  • Beer: SVB (Strawberry Vanilla Bullsicle)
  • Style: IPA - American
  • Alcohol by volume (ABV): 6.3%
  • IBU: 45
  • My rating: 3.25/5
  • Brewer's notes:  SVB is our brand spankin' new Strawberry Cream Pop IPA. 6.3% IPA with copious amounts of Hull Melon in the kettle with a dusting of milk sugar. Conditioned on heaps of strawberry purée before an intense dry hop of Belma, Hull Melon and Mosaic. Finished with Madagascar vanilla beans this creamy brew has a soft mouthfeel, upfront strawberry sweetness with a slightly tart finish - berry, melon, citrus and tropical fruit.
  • Venue: Rocky Hill, NJ, Rocky Hill, NJ
  • Brewery: Bolero Snort Brewery, Ridgefield Park, NJ, United States
  • Brewery Type: Micro Brewery

Our team strives to create hand-crafted ales and lagers that are influenced by both traditional and emerging styles with our own bold spin. No BS...Just Ragin' Good Beer!

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