N.Y.P.D Pizza

I think it's interesting that the best pizza in Philadelphia is from a place called N.Y.P.D.

After my treatment at the Bodine Center For Radiation Therapy, I had a follow-up appointment with my eye specialist. We checked in, and I was seen 5 minutes after that. Therapy was quick, about five minutes, and we had a lot more time than I expected between my treatment and my appointment. We strolled along 11th Street toward Walnut Street.

I stopped when I noticed the restaurant. I thought it was humorous. I think it's interesting that the best pizza in Philadelphia is from a place called N.Y.P.D.

When I started taking these “after radiation treatment” images, I wanted to use one of my vintage film lenses mounted to my Fujifilm X-T2 with Fotodiox lens adapter. I thought it would be cool.

But after a few weeks of shooting street scenes, I have learned that I often have just seconds to raise the camera to my face, compose, and push the shutter button. With time, I could learn to quickly focus the manual lens using the focus peaking feature of the Fuji.

Author: Khürt Williams

I work in application security architecture and I live in Montgomery Township, New Jersey with my wife Bhavna. Passionate about photography, you’ll find me writing about cybersecurity, tropical aquariums, terrariums, hiking, craft breweries, and capturing birds on camera. My prose is like a caffeinated squirrel—fast, unpredictable, and occasionally insightful.

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    1. Tired (from getting up early for the trip to Philly) but my eyes look and feel much better. I'm going to enjoy some outdoor photography this weekend and a wedding.

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