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By on June 19th, 2009 in General

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that upgrading to iPhone OS 3.0 enabled previously hidden Bluetooth functionality on my second generation iPod Touch. After upgrading (the iTunes servers were jammed so I did it after midnight) I noticed a small Bluetooth icon in the upper right hand corner of the home screen. So I went straight into Settings->General and ... what do you know, Bluetooth.


The only Bluetooth device I have is a headset for my Motorola KRZR cellphone (no iPhone yet) so I resorted to trying to connect from the kids iMac. While I can't do anything useful with it (yet) I expect we will see a host of new accessories for the iPhone 3G(S) and iPod Touch 2G. I for one would like a Bluetooth car kit to wirelessly stream music from my iPod Touch. Perhaps maybe sync my iPod without docking.

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I noticed that one of the services available on the iPod Touch via Bluetooth is something called AVRCP. According to the official Bluetooth web site AVRCP:

AVRCP is designed to provide a standard interface to control TVs, hi-fi equipment, or others to allow a single remote control (or other device) to control all the A/V equipment to which a user has access. It may be used in concert with A2DP or VDP.

I can't wait!!

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10 thoughts on “Bluetooth on iPod Touch 2G”

  1. is there anyway to connect the itouch's bluetooth to that of a nokia phone? like maybe by downloading and installing a certain program to the itouch itself?

  2. I am using my Touch with a Motorola S9 stereo headset. Unfortunately, the ply/pause and fwd/rev buttons on the headphones don't work. AVRCP doesn't seem to be working fully.

    1. I'm starting to read similar things about AVRCP not working for most people. I assume the Bluetooth profile on the iPod Touch are unique in some way or that Bluetooth isn't quite the standard.

  3. Hey. Thanks for the review.
    Can I connect my iPod to the net through my Nokia Smartphone, by using a bluetooth connection?
    Please let me know.
    -iPod User

    1. I don't have a Nokia Smartphone so I don't know the answer to your question. If you haven't already, update your (2nd generation) iPod Touch firmware to OS 3.0 and try it out. Thanks for dropping by.

    2. No the Ipod touch doesn't work with our nokia's. I have a Nokia 9300. You know the fancy looking one lol. I tried it. The only thing that happens is that both the Ipod and the phone are discoverable. That's the end of it lol. The Ipod will not connect to the phone. That SUCKS! Hope something changes in the future!

      1. There are rumours that Apple will be releasing a new iPod Touch with integrated camera and functionality similar to the iPhone 3GS. I hope if they do that they also fully enable Bluetooth.

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