Blog 365 - Day 1

Today is Day 1 of the Blog 365 challenge. The goal if for participants to blog for 365 days straight. Yikes, what the frack did I get myself into here. So if you are up for it, click on over to

Author: Khürt Williams

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4 thoughts on “Blog 365 - Day 1”

  1. Nice post. Can you still stream AirTunes from the AExpress if it is a slave on the WDS? Can other AExpress units still just "join an existing network" to link to the TC while it also has WDS with the first AExpresss? In my hopeful network setup, two other AExpress units will function merely as AirTunes units. Also, can you use a switch with the WDS AExpress to allow two devices to use it's LAN port?


    1. In the setup I described in the blog post I am indeed using the AirPort Express to stream music from my mac mini. I use the Air Remote app for my iPod Touch to control the music.

      Hmm ... I don't know about the second question. I have a switch at home so I can try it.

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