Blawenburg Bistro

The northern part of my home town of Montgomery Township is known as Belle Mead; the southern part (where I live), close to Princeton, is Skillman. The remnants of historic villages which once defined Montgomery, Blawenburg and Harlingen, which once defined Montgomery, are in between. While passing through Blawenburg, one doesn’t see much of any significance. Despite many rumours over the years, the old one-room post office still stands in its original location near the corner of the Great Road (aka County Route 601) and the Georgetown Franklin Turnpike (aka. County Route 518). New World Pizza and a mini-mall with a Japanese grocer are on adjacent northern corners.

On the southern corner near the post office is Blawenburg Bistro. Blawenburg Bistro describes itself as "... an upscale yet casual establishment that focuses on gourmet take-out, catering, and cafe-style offerings." The bistro opened during the pandemic occupying the space formerly known as the Blawenburg Market. One interesting fact is that the building has hosted a post office, general store, dry cleaner, deli, antique shop, newspaper headquarters, dog groomer, and a catering company throughout the years.

I only recently "discovered" the bistro while driving on the way to the Brick Farm Tavern. When the former Blawenburg Market close, the building was closed for a long time. I had not noticed the change in the name of the building from Blawenburg Market to Blawenburg Bistro. Montgomery Township has very few cafes open at 7 AM on a weekday. Last week I stopped in for the first time for breakfast. I bought a cappuccino and a bacon, egg and cheese croissant sandwich. Both were delicious, and I returned on the weekend for the same. The Blawenburg Bistro is now on my regular rotation for early morning breakfast.

I snapped this photograph while waiting for the staff to prepare my "usual". I could see the early morning traffic through the "front" window, mostly school buses. There is no access to the building from the front. Customers enter from the small parking lot in the rear. I spot metered to the left of the window to add a bit of "early morning" mood to the photograph.

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