Blackburnian Warbler

I was attracted to the flame-orange throat of the Blackburnian Warbler. It was one of the birds that I told Ray that I had to photograph at this workshop. Ray knew just where to go, and this bird was very cooperative, flying between the surrounding branches of the shorter trees. We found this bird near the same area as the Black-throated Green Warbler. It was long before the bird rested in just the right spot. His throat seems to glow. I learned that no other North American warbler has an orange throat.

Photographing these tiny birds is a challenge. We would find a spot with a group of birds, waiting for the bird to come down from the trees and land on an open branch. The bird may land in a leafy tree or shrub and is either fully or partially obscured by leaves or stems. Sometimes the bird is facing away from the camera. Getting a good photograph requires time, patience and lots of luck. But the results are rewarding.

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    Todd Henson
    24th May 2022 at 9:41 AM

    Another fantastic photo. I know what you mean about these being challenging to photograph. It really does require so much patience, especially when not using lures of any kind. So often they seem to congregate in the areas where you just can't photograph, or at least not well. But every so often they'll find a very pleasing perch, and that creates such a great experience for the photographer.

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      Khürt Williams
      26th May 2022 at 8:40 AM

      Thank you, Todd. My wife thinks that photography is the only activity where I display patience. 🙂

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