Best Photo of the Week

I photographed this image yesterday. For the details of this trip, please see my earlier post about being on the banks of the south branch of the Raritan River.

Best Photo of the Week is personal photography project where I post the best image captured that week. The image will be posted at the end of the week. That will be a Sunday. I can take one or 100 photos for the week but I will post only one, the best one.

Author: Khürt Williams

A human who works in information security and enjoys photography, Formula 1 and craft ale.

42 thoughts on “Best Photo of the Week”

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  9. Amy says:

    Nice photo, and I like the idea of having a best of the week feature.

    1. Hi Amy, I have been doing Frank Jansen's weekly challenge but I wanted to do something with more freedom. Several years ago I did daily, weekly and monthly personal photography projects to quickly learn my camera and push myself. I wanted to get back to basics.

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