Best Photo of the Week

I got a call from the Princeton Acura dealership earlier this week. The airbag in wife’s 2013 RDX was recalled; part of the Takata airbag re-call from a few years ago. I cheated with the service representative and agreed that we would bring the car in on Saturday morning around 8 AM. My wife is not an early rise, so I volunteered to do it.

It will be still dark outside when I woke up. I went downstairs to make coffee and put in a new CGMS sensor. Inserting the sensor took longer than I expected. I stared at the kettle and then thought of an even better idea. I could quickly get a cappuccino and blueberry muffin at Rojo’s Roastery before heading to the dealership. But it was not to be.

I got to Rojo’s and was disappointed to find out they would not open. It was my fault. I should have checked the business hours for the weekend before leaving home.

It was cold Saturday morning. I wanted coffee. I wanted breakfast. I pulled out my camera and stared through the window of Rojo’s thinking about where to go. I noticed that the street was reflected in the glass. I saw the lights on the inside even though the store was closed. I noticed that the gold colour of the light was reflected in the gold coffee maker in the front window. I saw. Then took my photo and went off to the Panera in West Windsor for breakfast.

Best Photo of the Week is personal photography project where I post the best image captured that week. The image will be posted at the end of the week. That will be a Sunday. I can take one or 100 photos for the week, but I will post only one, the best one.

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