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Being Genuine

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I strive to be my authentic self. It’s a constant struggle. Sometimes I am thrust into situations where my truths or my viewpoints don’t mesh well with the viewpoints of others that I may have to work with. Friction is the result and it’s sometimes it can be easy to be someone other than who you are. The one I struggle with the most, is being overly modest or boastful. It often comes across as arrogance. It comes from a time of great failures in my life. It’s something I’m constantly working on.

Being genuine is also a rare quality. In a world full of phony fads, media hype, virtual personas, positive thinkers, and personal brands – where everyone wants what they don’t have, nobody’s content to be who they are, and, more importantly, nobody’s willing to admit to any of that – it’s becoming more and more rare all the time.Steve Tobak

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Husband, father, Information security professional and avid photographer living at the junction of Princeton Township, Montgomery Township and Rocky Hill.

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