Back to the beginning; will disappear in 2013


I started blogging back in 2001 as Island in the Net. The blog was named for one of my favorite cyberpunk novels1, and described how I felt about my writing at the time. My blog was/is like a small island in the vast ocean of the Internet where I shared my thoughts about anything and everything.

I started writing more technical articles around 2003/2004 and Island in the Net was morphing into more of a technical how-to focused blog and less of a personal blog. I was also occasionally posting about my photography and my opinions on tech news and I felt it was not a great match for what the blog was becoming. I started to segment my interests and my develop a bit of hubris about my efforts.

Around 2007, I started two new blogs, Khürt/photos and Khürt/blog. One blog would be focused on my photography while another would be more of a Daring Fireball style link blog. Each blog would be focused on a particular aspect of ... me. The Khürt/blog lived briefly on Tumblr as Inchoate, a reference to the fact that my thoughts on many things were a jumble of partially baked ideas2. My top blog post on Khürt/blog in 2012 was about how people hated Apple. It had over 10,000 page views.

I retrospect, I think this was a mistake. I am not three separate people, nor am I a celebrity blogger. I am but one person with many interests. I like photography, and my Apple tech, and software and … . I want to put that all in one place. I’ve decided that Island in the Net will be my one and only personal blog. It will be focused on what Island in the Net originally was.

I will keep the domain but will repurpose it3. All the content from the photography and personal blog will be imported4 into Island in the Net. I’ll still post my weekly photos and my tech reviews and my opinions on … well everything but they’ll be under one “brand”.

  1. Islands in the Net by Bruce Sterling. 
  2. in·cho·ate /in?k?-it/
    Just begun and so not fully formed or developed; rudimentary: "a still inchoate democracy".
    inchoative - rudimentary

  3. Something new launch in 2013 but I’m keeping it under wraps until I’m ready. 
  4. I love how easy this can be with WordPress but I’m crossing my fingers. 

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