Average Salary for US Workers

How Much Is the Average Salary for US Workers? by Alison Doyle (The Balance)

The BLS reports that for the fourth quarter of 2017, men earned a median average of $49,192 while women earned only $39,988 or 81.3 percent of what males earned.

Race and ethnicity also plays a role in salaries for men and women. For example, white women earned 80.5 percent as much as their white male counterparts, while black women earned 96 percent of their black male counterparts.

However, black men earned a median salary of $35,412, which is only 69.3% of what white men earned on average ($51,064). The difference for women was a bit less: black women’s median earnings were, on average, 82.7% ($34,008) of white women’s median earnings ($41,132). The BLS provides information on Hispanic and Asian wage earners (who earned a median salary of $34,164 and $55,172, respectively) as well.

I was surprised by what seems like a pecking order for salary. White men are paid more than white women. White women are paid more than black men. Black men are paid slightly more than black women.

Author: Khürt Williams

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