2 thoughts on “Are You Logged In?”

  1. I have used Flickr for some time and believe that it is currently a better solution than Google's Picasa Web product. However, I also believe that Google's offering start small ( I have been a Google user since the Google search lauched in 1998 ) and evolve over time to much better things. I have never liked Yahoo! or Yahoo mail. It's an also ran to Google and Gmail. It was not until Google offered 1GB email accounts and the ability to sort/filter/search one's email that Yahoo decided to overhaul it's mail.

    I am also a University of Michigan Alum (like Larry Page) so Google's my choice. Go Blue!

  2. I recommend you to try out some other online products to see how competitive the other online products are, and you may found that Google's products may not be the best. Like EditGrid, which is heading to Google Spredsheets, and Flickr and Yahoo! mail are really very competitive compare to Google.

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