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Apple Watch May Have a DexCom Diabetes Glucose App

It seems I may re-consider my opinions about the Apple Watch. I had written is off as too expensive for day to day use. Wristwatches tend to get scratched and dinged and the Apple Watch is expensive but not luxurious. It’s not a Rolex or Blancpain. It’s not something one would keep for a lifetime and it becomes a family heirloom.

But … if this is correct, I may be able to use the Apple Watch to help with my diabetes management. Dexcom, the company the article says makes the glucose app, is also the company that makes the Dexcom G4 Platinum CGMS that I use currently.

Designed by medical products maker DexCom, the app will track and display your glucose levels on your watch in the form of a graph, the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday. The goal is to help diabetics easily and quickly read their glucose, or blood sugar, levels by simply glancing at the app. DexCom's glucose monitor uses a tiny sensor placed under the skin to measure glucose levels every five minutes, the Journal said. The app itself is expected to be available in April, the same time the Apple Watch itself will reach consumers.Apple Watch app will track glucose levels for diabetics

Author: Khürt Williams

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