Isolation Photo Project, Day 12

By on April 3rd, 2020 in Photography

I don't remember much about today. In fact, until now, I had thought that what I did yesterday is actually what I did today. Am I losing it?

7 thoughts on “Isolation Photo Project, Day 12”

  1. You are not alone! My first week home from work wasn't too bad. As this second week has worn on it's been harder to remember what day it is and what I've already done.

  2. That's the norm for me. I think you can ride it out as long as you don't lose your balance. You know where you are and who you have around you, stand firm. I'll possibly write a full post about my viewpoints, faith, and source of peace when I have time. Lately, I'm too busy with work so I just write a short draft for ideas I have and save it for later.

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