Adobe’s iOS app failure?

Adobe's iOS app failure (Six Colors)

Now, how many hours per year do I spend in the five different iOS apps that bear the imprint of the Photoshop product family, many of whom are only accessible to people who (like me) have active Creative Cloud subscriptions? (Keeping in mind that I often travel with only my iPad Pro, and do an awful lot of my work on the iPad these day.)

The answer is zero. I never use them.

I use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Mobile all the time. I don't know if Jason has used Lightroom but it works quite well. I don't think it's possible for Adobe to incorporate the full functionality of the desktop version but most of what I need is there. I don't use any of the other Adobe apps Jason mentioned in his post. From my standpoint, Adobe's mobile program is a success. Other photographers agree.

Author: Khürt Williams

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2 thoughts on “Adobe’s iOS app failure?”

  1. It’s enough for me, too. I only have an iPad and an iPhone so the full-blown computer apps aren’t for me. One question: who is Jason?

    1. Aixa, I prefer the full blown computer apps — I like BIG screens — but the iOS apps are quite capable of the simpler tasks.

      Jason is Jason Snell. The blog post was supposed to indicate that right at the top but something broke. It's fixed now.

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