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  1. As much as I love Honda (I currently own 2), I'm not fond of what their sport department is doing with design these days. The Integra Type R was a fine looking machine, same as the civic EK9. I think the new lines are over-designed, but maybe it's just me :p

    • Benoit, although my wife and I have owned nothing but Hondas (Civic, Accord, Odyssey) and Acuras (Integra, RDX) since 1994, except for the Civic Type R and RDX, Honda/Acura has produced many boring-to-drive vehicles over the last decade. My wife currently drives a 2015 Acura RDX.

      But I see that is starting to change. My wife's RDX is a sporty crossover that is fun to drive once I got over the paddle shifters.

      I want to replace the 2006 Accord EX-L V6 6MT that is my daily driver. I considered switching to a BMW 2 or 4 series or Audi A4, but I may hold off another year to see what Acura does with the Type S Concept. I am hoping that the TLX Type S is more real performance than styling. Fingers crossed.

          • There were several reasons, one was that I thought the championship lacked drama and excitement. But the biggest thing is that suddenly nobody cared around me. It was difficult to stay engaged 🙂

          • I understand. I am the only one in the office or among my friends who watch Formula 1. But that's how things have been most of my life. No one in my office is into photography and only a small handful of friends willing to go out with a camera on a regular basis. I found community for both by going online. Your blog among many others, and the occasional photo walk, where I connect with other photographers. For Formula 1, I chat with people on twitter during the races. The #F1 hashtag is huge.

          • You're right, I'm in the same situation with photography as well. I guess my passion for F1 is not as strong as my passion for photography. The only content related to car I follow these days is either Grand Tour, or on Youtube. I don't even follow WRC anymore.

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