902 Brewing's Double Paaahked

I am drinking a Double Paaahked by 902 Brewing.

I am in Skillman, NJ, drinking Double Paaahked by 902 Brewing. 902 Brewing is a Micro Brewery in Hoboken, NJ. Double Paaahked beer style is IPA - Imperial New England, with an ABV of 8.9% and IBU of 70. I gave Double Paaahked a 3.75 on Untappd's 5 point rating system.

Brewer's notes

Tropical fruits and melons deliciously mask the alcohol of this DIPA! Brewed with generous amounts of Simcoe, Mosaic, and El Dorado, with a different yeast and hop schedule than our standard Double Parked

Hoboken Born, Jersey Brewed! We're working hard to bring great local beer to New Jersey and beyond.

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Author: Khürt Williams

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