52 Week Smartphone Challenge : Week 30 : Exit

"Every exit is an entry to somewhere else". Be inspired by the Exit this week.

Flounder Brewing was the first local micro-brewery in Somerset County. They started small. I remember that it wasn't too long ago when the only way to get Flounder Brewing's beer was to subscribe to a text-based mailing list. On no set schedule, seemingly at random, I would get an email with the one ale offered. The date and time would be listed. We would do our best to make it to the brewery with to stand in line waiting for our turn to fill our growlers.

Over time, Flounder added more tanks, expanded to the garage next door, added to their tap list, and cleared a small space inside the original space for a small taproom. Word spread, and soon the Flounder Brewing Co. taproom became a space for Generation X adults to hangout.

Soon, Flounder Brewing Co. will exit this space and start their new adventure in the new space they are building at the Carriage Farm.

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Author: Khürt Williams

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