13 June 2020 | Apple iPhone 11 Pro | iPhone 11 Pro back camera 1.54mm f/2.4

52 Week Smartphone Challenge : Week 24 : Who inspires you?

It seems that many of us are struggling with creativity at the moment. But that is to be expected. It wouldn’t be much of a challenge if it were not, you know, challenging.

The theonlyd800inthehameau has submitted a screenshot of Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead. I won’t judge. I’ll take it.

Photographers Frank Veronsky has inspired my photography today. I’ve known Frank for many years enjoying his quirky way of seeing when it comes to fashion photography. I was on my way to pick up beer from Conclave Brewing when the cars ahead of me stopped to allow a train to pass. I noticed a spot on the side of the river and pulled over, hoping to grab a shot of the passing train. I was too late to photograph the train, but I captured this image of the train tracks. I then applied Kevin Mullin’s Film Negative preset. I don’t know why, but that was what came to my mind.

What do you think?

Submitted for my 52 Week Smartphone Challenge.

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  1. Otherworldly, that’s what I think, just as a first reaction.
    Also, thinking that some of these challenges are a bit much for me. That’s not a complaint, just kind of where I am right now.
    Cheers, Amy

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