Social Media Fast by Daniel Brinneman (Daniel Brinneman)

Thus to my point, closing these accounts and making less accessible time for others, produces a sensation that I have freed myself from their psychological grip. One of those others that I do not want to close yet because it serves as a communication tool with family and distant friends, and as a forum/group tool for interacting with and helping others in web development, and finding remote work opportunities, that is currently Facebook. I have tried this in the past, to put it aside, to close it but that kept me out of the loop of upcoming events. This trial around, I have removed the Facebook app (not Messenger) from both my mobile devices and when I need to really use it, I will boot the laptop.

Daniel, I removed the Facebook app from my iPhone several months ago. My usage of Facebook has dropped off. But I do miss that I am less in touch with far-flung family around the globe. My use of Twitter dropped off as well. Google+ is like that town I left behind but sometimes I look around when I stop to get gas on my way to somewhere else.

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