Out There Coffee

As we would soon discover over the weekend, Cape May is a beautiful town with much to offer. As an avid photographer, I was thrilled to spend the next day with the Cape May Audubon Society on a birding walk. But before the walk, I wanted to start the day with a good cup of coffee and a tasty breakfast. So I woke at 6 AM, packed my camera gear, and thanks to Google Maps, I discovered Out There Coffee at Washington Commons Mall.

As I stepped outside my Airbnb, I was greeted by the sounds of a rooster crowing and the sight of geese chasing each other around a nearby pond. It was a charming start to the day.

I arrived before the coffee shop opened and decided to wait outside. While waiting, I couldn't resist photographing the sky-blue bicycle outside the door. It has a look that perfectly captures the Cape May atmosphere.

Out There Coffee is a cosy and inviting coffee shop just a short drive from my Airbnb. I ordered a coffee and a muffin for myself, and then I remembered that Bhavna was not with me, so I ordered the same for her. As I waited for the order, I enjoyed the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the coffee shop.

When the order was ready, I packed everything up and returned to the Airbnb to enjoy breakfast. I sat outside on the balcony, savouring our coffee and muffin while taking in the stunning view of the property. The peaceful and serene moment made me forget the mess we left behind at home. I was truly grateful for this experience.