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April 2023


Skillman Park

For years, I've been wanting a super-zoom lens. Previously, I rented lenses like the Fujinon XF100-400mmF4.5-4.6 for bird photography workshops. Finally, after saving up, I bought Fujifilm's latest super-zoom, the XF150-600mmF5.6-8 R LM OIS WR. The weather was great, so I headed to Skillman Park in Montgomery Township to try it out. Located in Montgomery Township in Central New Jersey, Skillman Park is one of my township's newest parks. The park is named after the Skillman family, prominent landowners in…

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Better is subjective

The Internet is full of debates along the lines of: Whether Sony colors are better than Nikon colors Whether Canon colors are better than Sony colors Sometimes, people are talking about in-camera JPEGs, and it is possible to have a moderately fruitful discussion. How fruitful it might be depends on the definition of better. If better means more accurate, careful image analysis can yield objective insights. If better means, “what I like”, a meeting of the minds is far less…

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