But I don’t just want to get people to contact me.

I want to create a healthy ecosystem which permits use and exploration of content, with strong protections against commercial exploitation. That’s not possible if insisting that every user has to contact me all the time to see if their use is covered.

My “Rant” against FOSS isn’t a rant against FOSS - rather it is a cri du couer against the nullspace of Social Freedoms at the heart of the (frankly risible) FOSS “Movement”. There are generations of [b|p]rogrammers who honestly believe that code is the sole Freedom worth fighting for - who appear to regard any discourse of Social (or Economic for that matter) Rights as “political” and think that their stance is apolitical.

I lay the blame for that right at RMS’s door, and extend that to the people who enable and facilitate that attitude. It is a political stance, one that centres privilege and corporate control above all else. And I’m tired of it.

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