2019-01-23 14:28:41

Replied to polite society by joe jenettjoe jenett (simply.personal.jenett.org)

Did you ever realize how many people ask “how are you?” and never wait for an answer? And when you ask “how are you?” do you really want to know? “Not too well, thank you. I have a headache and my wife is cheating on me.” So, who is responsible for these polite greetings we use, anyway?

I’ve noticed that it is considered discourteous to respond negatively to the “How are you?” question. Perhaps, I am not feeling well. Perhaps I had a rocky night of sleep or something unfortunate has happened in my life. But it seems the only answer allowed is “Fine, thank you”. I’ve also been chastised, oy! by my wife, that I had not asked her “How are you?”. I have started greeting people with Hello. Just hello.

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