Photos for Mac isn’t a long term photo library option – Colin Devroe by an author (

If you want to use iCloud Photo Library to sync your photos between devices, and even use it as a way to have a full backup of your photos, I suppose you can. However, after doing that for a few years and then wanting to move away from it – I would not recommend Photos on Mac or iCloud Photo Library as a long term photo library solution.

I've been advising friends and family about this for years. I switched from iPhoto (what Photos used to be) to Adobe Lightroom several years ago. The Adobe Lightroom CC mobile app syncs my iPhone photos (over cellular or Wi-Fi) via Adobe's Creative Cloud back to the Adobe Lightroom CC app. My backup software, CrashPlan, takes care of the rest.

I know some people will be bothered by Adobe's and CrashPlan subscription but ... isn't iCloud a subscription service?

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